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Transport Optimisation Group, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Transport Optimisation Group, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Organisation: Intelligent Transportation Systems department, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences, University of Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Contact person(s): Prof. Hrvoje Gold
Position: Team leader and Head of Intelligent Transportation Systems Department
Phone: +385 (0) 1 / 2457-912
Who we are: 

Transport Optimisation Group (TOG) main research area is development of various algorithms for intermodal transport route optimisation, traffic parameters estimation and prediction, and traffic data extraction from airborne and satellite images. It participated in 3 national, 3 international research projects, and cooperates with leading logistics.

Expertise areas:  Automotive vehicle control ,  Real time systems ,  Monitoring and Control Networks ,  Parameter estimation ,  Neural ,  Genetic Algorithms ,  Modelling and model-based engineering
Main achievements:
  • Commercial application „OPTiRUT“ - complete vehicle fleet routing and scheduling software, first implementation in 2008. for company Orbico d.o.o.
  • CRO-GRID: Optimisation of transport organization, Ministry of Science, Education and  Sports, Republic of Croatia, 2004-2006)
International experience:

The team has experience in international cooperation through FP7 and bilateral projects:

  • CIVITAS-ELAN, EC-FP7-218954, 2008-2012, 7th Framework Programme
  • Airborne Minefield Area Reduction (ARC), EC-FP6-IST-2000-25300, 2001-2003
  • Space- and Airborne Mined Area Reduction Tool (SMART), EC-FP6-IST-2000-25044,2001-2004
Collaboration interest:
  • R&D Projects under EC-FP-ICT and TRANSPORT Framework  Programmes
  • Joint R&D in the field of Monitoring and Control, Vehicle route optimisation, Estimation and prediction of traffic data, Parallel computing
  • Professor and PhD Student exchanges
Scientific publications:
  • Marković, Hrvoje; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Gold, Hrvoje; Donga, Fangyan; Hirota, Kaoru, GPS data based non-parametric regression for predicting travel times in urban traffic networks, Promet - Traffic & Transportation. 22 (2010) , 1; 1-13

  • Bajić, Milan; Ciceli, Tomislav; Gold, Hrvoje; Krtalić, Andrija; Vuković, Ivana, The identification and calibration of the airborne multisensor acquisition system, Disaster Management and Emergency Response in the Mediterranean Region, 2009, 391-399

  • Carić, Tonči; Galić, Ante; Fosin, Juraj; Gold, Hrvoje; Reinholz, Andreas. A Modelling and Optimization Framework for Real-World Vehicle Routing Problems, Vehicle Routing Problem, pp. 15-34, ISBN 978-953-7619-09-1, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria, 2008

  • Mišel Brezak, Ivan Petrović, Edouard Ivanjko, Robust and accurate global vision system for real time tracking of multiple mobile robots, Robotics and Autonomous Systems (0921-8890) 56 (2008), 3; 213-230

  • Carić, Tonči; Fosin, Juraj; Galić, Ante; Gold, Hrvoje; Reinholz, Andreas. Empirical Analysis of Two Different Metaheuristics for Real-World Vehicle Routing Problems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) (0302-9743) 4771 (2007); 31-44