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Rotating Machines Department, Končar IET, Inc., Zagreb (Croatia)

Rotating Machines Department, Končar IET, Inc., Zagreb (Croatia)
Organisation: Končar IET, Inc.
Country: Croatia
Contact person(s): Dr. Sc. Ante Elez
Position: Senior consultant
Phone: +385 99 2414 659
Who we are: 

The Rotating Machines Department is involved in research of electromagnetic and mechanical phenomena in electrical rotating machines using modern numerical calculation methods (FEM and CFD methods). Further, development of expert system for monitoring, control and fault detection of rotating machines (hydro generators, turbo generators, wind generators, induction motors). The main goal is help (users) owners of machines to achieve (better) asset management.

Expertise areas:  Parts manufacturing ,  Robots ,  Assembly systems ,  Flexible manufacturing systems ,  Real time systems ,  Monitoring and Control Networks ,  Modelling and model-based engineering
Main achievements:
  • Expert System for Monitoring and Fault Detection of Induction Motors KONCAR EMCM
  • Smart sensors for fault detection
  • Award "ARCA" for the monitoring system generator-transformer at the 5th international exhibition of innovations, products and technologies for the year 2007.
Collaboration interest:
  • R&D Projects under FP7
  • Joint R&D in the field of Research, Monitoring and Control of Electrical Rotating Machines
  • PhD Student exchanges
Scientific publications:
  • A. Elez, M. Jelavić, S. Car, "Detection of intercoil short circuits in wind generator windings", Europe's Premier Wind Energy Event - EWEA'11, Belgium – Bruxelles 2011, pp. 1-6.
  • M Šašić. B. A. Lloyd, A. Elez, "Finite elements analysis of rotor shorted turns", Electric power research institute - EPRI'11, Spain – Barcelona 2011, pp. 1-6.
  • J. Polak, A. Elez, J. Študir, N. Bulaić, M. Šašić, "Methods for inter coil short circuit detection in excitation winding coils of turbo generator in operation and in standstill condition", COLLOQUIUM ON NEW DEVELOPMENT OF ROTATING ELECTRICAL MACHINES – CIGRE SC A1, CIGRE, China – Beijing 2011