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Renewable Energy Department, Končar IET, Inc., Zagreb(Croatia)

Renewable Energy Department, Končar IET, Inc., Zagreb(Croatia)
Organisation: Končar IET, Inc.
Country: Croatia
Contact person(s): Dr. Sc. Mate Jelavić
Position: Senior consultant
Phone: +385 99 312 67 40
Who we are: 

The Renewable energy section group took a part in research and development of technologies for the sustainable and climate-friendly generation of electricity. Uninterrupted power supply for off-grid systems is our newest invention in with is integrated power supply and environment monitoring and control system for autonomous operation.

Expertise areas:  Smart grids ,  Energy efficiency ,  Renewable energy ,  Pervasive sensors ,  Real time systems ,  Monitoring and Control Networks ,  Parameter estimation ,  Statistical performance and process monitoring
Main achievements:
  • Power supply and environment monitoring system for hybrid autonomous power supply system
  • ARCA for hybrid autonomous power supply system on International exhibition of innovations, new ideas and technologies ARCA 2011
  • Grand Prix of Russian House for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation for hybrid autonomous power supply system
Collaboration interest:
  • Renewable Energy R&D Projects under FP7-ICT
  • Joint R&D in the field of Monitoring and Control of renewable energy resources
  • PhD Student exchanges
Scientific publications:
  • Dragičević T., Cvrk I., Đonlagić B., Škrlec D.: Description of laboratory for renewable resources and distributed generation// CIRED, 2010.
  • Cvrk, I., Dragičević, T.: Operational properties of a photovoltaic system with three single phase inverter// EEM 2011
  • Marijan, S., Jelavić, M., Kajari, M., Barišić, M., Tečec, Z., Bago, M.: Sustainable Wind Turbine Control System // EWEA 2011