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Prometis Ltd - Road Traffic Monitoring Company (Croatia)

Prometis Ltd - Road Traffic Monitoring Company (Croatia)
Organisation: Prometis Ltd
Country: Croatia
Contact person(s): Franjo Mihoci
Position: Senior consultant
Phone: + 385 1 6150242
Who we are: 

The team is concerned primarily with long-term traffic count on Croatian roads. Counting activities gradually upgraded to establish a system of monitoring traffic flows, especially on motorways. The team is currently introducing a monitoring of free flow speeds on state roads. Continuous tasks have been improvement of the counting technology, data

Expertise areas:  Road traffic management ,  Real time systems
Main achievements:
  • Establishing and developing of road traffic counting systems in Croatia
  • Major upgrading of road traffic counting system of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Traffic flow monitoring system for Croatian Motorways
  • Free flow vehicle speeds monitoring system on Croatian state roads
International experience:

The team has experience in international cooperation through FP7 and bilateral projects:

  • FP7 B2B LOCO project successful participation
Collaboration interest:
  • Transport Related R&D Projects under FP7-ICT
  • Joint R&D in the field of Monitoring and Control in Transport
Scientific publications:
  • Mihoci, F. (2009)  Proposal of the methodology of road traffic flows monitoring in Zagreb City. Prometis Ltd.
  • Božić, M., Kopić, D., Mihoci F. (2010),  Traffic counting on Croatian roads in 2009. Croatian Roads, Prometis Ltd.
  • Gršetić, J., Kopić, D., Božičević D. (2011)  Motorways traffic flows system. Prometis Ltd.
  • Mihoci, F. (2011)  Fundamentals of speed monitoring system on Croatian roads. Prometis Ltd.
  • Mihoci, F. (2011)  UN: Traffic flows on E-roads in Croatia 2010. Prometis Ltd.
  • Božić, M., Kopić, D., Mihoci F. (2011),  Traffic counting on Croatian roads in 2010. Croatian Roads, Prometis  Ltd.