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Laboratory for Intelligent Production Systems, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Laboratory for Intelligent Production Systems, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Organisation: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Contact person(s): prof. Danko Brezak
Position: Full Professor
Who we are: 

Our present research activities are conducted within four scientific and industry oriented projects (see below). The main activities are related to machining process monitoring, adaptive and optimal control of machine tools and robot systems, machine tools retrofitting, open architecture control systems, development and implementation of various types of artificial intelligence algorithms (neural networks, fuzzy logic, support vector machines, hybrid algorithms), etc

Expertise areas:  Energy efficiency ,  Monitoring and Control Networks ,  Feedback linearization ,  Multi-layer control ,  Control structure selection ,  Adaptive control ,  Distributed parameter systems ,  System identification ,  Parameter estimation ,  Genetic Algorithms ,  Optimal control ,  Statistical performance and process monitoring
Main achievements:
  • Developed a number of Intelligent systems for industrial process monitoring and control
  • FESTO Prize for Young Researchers and Scientists for  2010.
  • Application of AI methods for control of complex non-linear systems
International experience:
  • Intelligent control of machining systems
  • Application of artificial intelligence in the control of complex nonlinear dynamic systems
  • Intelligent monitoring of a machine tool main spindle
Collaboration interest:
  • R&D Projects under FP7-ICT
  • Joint R&D in the fled of M&C
Scientific publications:
  • Brezak, D.; Majetic, D.; Udiljak, T.; Kasac J. (2010), Flank Wear Regulation Using Artificial Neural Networks. Journal of mechanical science and technology. 24, 5; 1041-1052 
  • Brezak, D.; Majetic, D.; Udiljak, T.; Kasac J. (2010), Tool Wear Estimation using an Analytic Fuzzy Classifier and Support Vector Machines. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing. Online first,
  • Kasac, J.; Novakovic, B.; Majetic, D.; Brezak, D. (2008), Passive Finite Dimensional Repetitive Control of Robot Manipulators. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. 16, 3; 570-576 
  • Kasac, J.; Novakovic, B.; Majetic, D.; Brezak, D. (2006), Global Positioning of Robot Manipulators with Mixed Revolute and Prismatic Joints. IEEE Transactions on automatic control. 51, 6; 1035-1040 
  • Staroveski, T.; Brezak, D.; Udiljak, T.; Majetic, D. (2011), Experimental Machine Tool for Process Monitoring and Control Systems Research. 22nd DAAAM International Symposium, Vienna : DAAAM International Vienna, 2011. 0023-0024. 
  • Brezak, D.; Majetic, D.; Udiljak, T.; Staroveski, T. (2010), Filtration of Estimated Flank Wear Widths Using Recurrent Neural Network in the Tool Wear Regulation Process. Proceedings of the CIRP ICME '10 International Conference, Capri, Italia
Additional information:

Number of researchers: 7