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Incident Management Group, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Incident Management Group, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Organisation: Intelligent Transportation Systems Department, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences, University of Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Contact person(s): prof. Sadko Mandzuka
Position: Head of Transport Telematics Chair
Who we are: 

The Department of Intelligent Transport Systems is a scientific, educational, research and developmental unit of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the University of Zagreb which creates, transmits and applies knowledge in the field of intelligent transport systems and adjacent technologies. The main research area of IMG is development various algorithms of IM process phases: detection, verification, response, normalization and evaluation. ICT is a core technology for this application.

Expertise areas:  Road traffic management ,  Monitoring and Control Networks ,  Statistical performance and process monitoring
Main achievements:
  • Development methodology of integrated adaptive transport and logistics systems, project code 135-1352598-2581
  • Integrated Intelligent Transport System Development Methods, project code 0135008
  • More domestic industrial projects
International experience:

CIVITAS Elan (FP7 project)

Collaboration interest:
  • R&D Projects under FP7-ICT
  • Joint R&D in the field of Monitoring and Control
  • PhD and undergraduate student exchanges
Scientific publications:
  • Mandžuka, Sadko; Kljaić, Zdenko; Škorput, Pero, The Use of Mobile Communication in Traffic Incident Management Process. // Journal of Green Engineering. 1 (2011) , 4; 35-42
  • Mandžuka, Sadko; Pašagic Škrinjar, Jasmina; Cetl, Vlado, The Decision Support System for Crisis Management // Lecture Notes in Management Science (LNMS) / Tadbir Operational Research Group Ltd, 2011. 247-253
  • Škorput, Pero; Mandžuka, Sadko; Jelušić, Niko, Real-time Detection of Road Traffic Incidents. // Promet - Traffic & Transportation. 22 (2010) , 4; 273-283
  • Bošnjak, Ivan; Mandžuka, Sadko; Škorput, Pero, Incident Management System Development for Croatian Tunnels, // Proceedings of XVII ITS World Congress, Busan, Republika Koreja, 2010.
  • Mandžuka, Sadko; Kljaić, Zdenko; Kordić, Zoran, Mobile Telecommunication Technology for Incident Management System // Proceedings of XVII Telecommunications Forum TELFOR 2009, 230-233, Beograd, 2009
  • Mandžuka, Sadko; Matulin, Marko; Škorput, Pero, Advanced telematics solutions for emergency medical assistance, Proceedings of  Conference on Medical, Technical and Legal aspects of Traffic Safety, Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, 42-48, 2009.
Additional information:

Number of researchers: 10