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Department for Control Engineering, University of Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Department for Control Engineering, University of Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Organisation: Department for Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Tuzla
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact person(s): Prof. Naser Prljaca
Position: Professor
Phone: +38761724900
Who we are: 

We took a part in few international and nation scientific projects devoted control and learning of industrial and mobile robots, robot vision, automotive vehicle control, optimal control and monitoring of thermal-power plants subsystems and chemical process systems.

Expertise areas:  Automotive vehicle control ,  Robots ,  Flexible manufacturing systems ,  Control over networks ,  Distributed control ,  Decentralized control ,  Neural ,  Genetic Algorithms
Main achievements:
  • Optimal control and filtering
  • Robot control and robot vision
  • Automotive vehicle control
  • Planning/replanning Strategy based on Behaviour Learning algorithms
  • Multi-modal parameter Estimation of moving Object in large systems
  • Robot control and root vision
International experience:
  • OSMIA, FP5  funded project 
  • Optimal control and filtering, USA  government research fund
  • Image registration,  SCOPUS  Switzerland  government research fund
  • Control over networks, research bilateral project between Bosnia & Hercegovinia and Republic of Slovenia 
  • FP7 access funds: “Mobile robotics as Education Tool”
  •  Participated in DAAD project (research visiting Fraunhofer Insitute)
  • Cooperation in DAAD proje,"Akademischer Neuaufbau Suedosteuropas", Networking in Automation and Robotics)
  • Soft-Computing techniques in mobile robotics, Research Bilateral Project between Bosnia & Hercegovinia and Republic Slovenia, ID: BI-BA/08-09-013
  • Intelligent Control of mobile robots, Croatia Research Project Nr. 0036018
Collaboration interest:
  • R&D Projects under FP7-ICT, NMP, Maria Currie, SME calls
  • Joint scientific and industrial R&D projects
  • Joint training courses
Scientific publications:
  • N.Prljača,  Z.Gajić, "General Transformation for Block Diagonalization of Multi Time-Scale Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems",  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,  Vol. 53, No.5,  pp.1303-1305,  June 2008.
  • N.Prljača, Z.Gajić, "A Method For Optimal Control and Filtering of Multitime-Scale Linear Singularly-Perturbed Stochastic Systems",   Automatica,  A Journal  of  IFAC,  Vol. 44,  No. 8,  pp. 2149-2156, August 2008.     
  • A.  Šerifović, D. Demirović, N.Prljača, G. Szekely, P. Cattin "Intensity-based elastic image registration incorporating anisotropic landmark errors and rotational information",  International Journal of  Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery,  Vol. 4, No. 5, pp. 463-468, Springer Berlin Heidelberg , 2009.
  • L. Banjanovic-Mehmedovic, S. Karic, F.Mehmedovic: "Optimal Search Strategy of Robotic Assembly based on Neural Vibration Learning",  Journal of Robotics, the special issue "Cognitive and Neural Aspects in Robotics with Applications 2011"
  • L. Banjanovic-Mehmedovic, Dz. Golic, F.Mehmedovic, J. Havic: “Neural Learning Behavior of Mobile Robot by Visually based Sequence of Actions”, IEEE ICAT 2011, B&H, 2011.
  • L.Banjanovic-Mehmedovic, I.Petrovic, E.Ivanjko, “Mobile Robot Localization using Soft-reduced Hypotheses Tracking” in Book T.Sabh (ed.), Innovations and Advanced Techniques in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering, pp. 1-6, Springer 2007.
Additional information:

Number of researchers: 7