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Croatia has been focused on the area of Monitoring and Control for more than five decades. Embedded systems have been the strongest ICT sub-domain, both in academic and industry sectors. ICT-SMEs are significant part of the national ICT industry. In the last three years, the ICT sector, particularly ICT-SMEs, has been the healthiest part of the national economy. Within the Complex systems area, special emphases can be identified as related to:

  • Intelligent systems –with a strong capacity and expertise related to development of underwater unmanned vehicles
  • ICT for efficient and clean energy – with an emphases on cooperative control of renewable energy systems, and software systems for energy production control and monitoring
  • ICT for efficient and clean transport –with an emphases on traffic sensors and telematics, traffic simulation and statistical assessment, and city logistics
  • Modelling and model-based engineering –especially related to traffic systems modeling and simulation


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