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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Bosnian scientific capabilities have suffered dramatically over the past two decades due to the political situation and a chronic lack of funding. However, a solid research capacity remains active in the area of Monitoring and Control, and is primarily focused around the following topics:

  • Intelligent systems –with an emphasis on robotics and autonomous vehicles
  • ICT for efficient and clean energy –with experiences related to energy distribution optimization, profit maximization, and unit commitment
  • ICT for efficient and clean transport –with capacities related to smart vehicles
  • ICT for Food production and habitat preservation –with and emphases on process control

Download the full report on the M&C sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Active R&D teams

Local BALCON contact point

Prof. Dr. Novica Nosović
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Informatics department,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Sarajevo
Email: ;
Phone: +387-33-250-752


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