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Western Balkan Countries


Serbia has a traditionally strong research and development capacity in ICT domain, and especially related to the borader field of Monitoring and Control. Within the Complex systems area, special emphases can be identified as related to:

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Croatia has been focused on the area of Monitoring and Control for more than five decades. Embedded systems have been the strongest ICT sub-domain, both in academic and industry sectors. ICT-SMEs are significant part of the national ICT industry. In the last three years, the ICT sector, particularly ICT-SMEs, has been the healthiest part of the national economy. Within the Complex systems area, special emphases can be identified as related to:


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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Bosnian scientific capabilities have suffered dramatically over the past two decades due to the political situation and a chronic lack of funding. However, a solid research capacity remains active in the area of Monitoring and Control, and is primarily focused around the following topics:

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Montenegro has a fairly small, but active scientific community, primarily oriented towards the country's needs as a ecological state with a strong touristic orientation. Research interests and capacities are concentrated around green technologies: renewable energy sources and their integration, ecosystems monitoring and food production. Most significant research actor is the University of Montenegro.
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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has a very active research community in the filed of Wireless Sensor Networks and monitoring. Furthermore, a scientific capacity exists related to green technologies and renewable energy sources. The major scientific actor is the Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

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