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Petrovački, Dušan (Serbia)

Petrovački, Dušan (Serbia)
  • Professor Emeritus in Technical Sciences
  • Head of Division for Automatic Control and Systems, Department for Computing and Control Systems Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences
Organisation: University of Novi Sad
Organisation's website:
Phone: +381-21-485-2259 ; +381-63-542-449
Personal webpage: 


Professor Emeritus Dušan Petrovački, PhD in Technical Sciences, has gained experience in education and research in the field of control and monitoring at the University of Novi Sad. He studied and worked professionally with Control Systems since the 1969.

He gave the undeniable contribution to the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department for Computing and Control Systems engineering, performing managing functions:

  • Director of the Institute for Measurements and Control (1988-1991),
  • Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (1991-1998),
  • Head of Division for Automatic Control and Systems at Department for Computing and Control Systems (1985-present),
  • Provincial Secretary for Science and Technological Development of AP Vojvodina (2002-2004).

At international post-graduate studies in international UNESCO Centre for large-scale control and decision systems held 8 international courses and lectures on control, simulation and optimization.

Membership of professional bodies: Member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering); member of ETAN.

Professor Emeritus Dušan Petrovački is one of the founders and head of the Centre for geoinformation technologies and systems (2002 - present).


Research Interests:

Professor Emeritus Dušan Petrovački, PhD, has gained knowledge and experience of Control Systems, Monitoring, Optimization Methods, Process Industry, Computer Applications in Different Fields of Systems Sciences, Research and Development Control System and GIS during his professional work from 1969-present.

Control Systems certified knowledge and experience of control systems and optimization methods was acknowledged in the implementation of control algorithms and process control in different fields of systems.

The significant value of his work is reflected in the fact that he has leaded and participated in the design and implementation over 80 systems and industrial plants based on high technologies.

In many research projects Mr Petrovacki was involved as expert consultant and project leader in fields of identification and estimation of non-linear systems, modelling and simulation of dynamic systems, neural networks, artificial intelligence, modern control systems, optimal control, non-linear control and geoinformation systems and technologies.

He has published over 200 scientific papers in journals and conferences and participated in a significant number of projects of which 14 are international: funded by the EU (FP-7, INTERREG, SEE, Tempus), UNDP, MSF (US), DOE (US), Academia Sinica (China), British Council, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands).