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Milicev, Dragan (Serbia)

Milicev, Dragan (Serbia)

Associate Professor at the Computer Science and Informatics department, School of Electrical engineering

Organisation: University of Belgrade
Organisation's website:
Phone: +381 63 8 434 051


Dr. Dragan Milicev is Associate Professor and Chairman of the Software Engineering Department at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering ( He is specialized in software engineering, model-driven development, UML, object-oriented programming, software architecture and design, information systems, and real-time systems. He has published papers in some of the most prestigious scientific and professional journals and magazines (including IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering), contributing to the theory and practice of model-driven development and UML. He is also a member of the program committees of two most prestigious international conferences on model-based engineering (MODELS and ECMFA). 

He is the author of three previous bestselling books on object-oriented programming and UML, published in Serbian. His recent book, recently published by Wiley/Wrox, “Model-Driven Development with Executable UML,” has brought out some original ideas and improvements to the field of rapid model-based development of information systems, boosting the efficiency of development dramatically.

With more than 25 years of extensive industrial experience in building complex commercial software systems, he has been serving as the chief software architect, project manager, or consultant in a few dozen international projects, some of them having national scope and importance.

He is the founder of Serbian Object Laboratories d.o.o. (SOL,, a software research and development company specialized in designing software development tools using model-driven approach, as well as in building custom applications and systems. He was chief software architect and project manager for most of SOL’s projects and all its products.

He teaches courses on Operating systems, Real-time Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Model-Based Software Engineering.


Research Interests:

  • Software engineering
  • model-based software engineering
  • model-driven development
  • UML, executable UML
  • information systems
  • operating systems
  • real-time programming and modelling,
  • parallel processing