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Filipovic, Nenad (Serbia)

Filipovic, Nenad (Serbia)

Vice-director of BioIRC Kragujevac Ltd Research and Development Centre for Bioengineering

Organisation: BioIRC Kragujevac Ltd
Organisation's website:
Phone: +381-64-844-9673
Personal webpage: 


  • Vice-Director of BioIRC Kragujevac, Ltd.
  • Full professor at University of Kragujevac in Kragujevac, Serbia
  • Research Associate and Consultant, Harvard University
  • Project Manager, Steinbeis Transfer Center, Germany
  • Author and co-author 6 textbook and 1 monography on english language
  • Author and co-author over 120 publication, from over 60 scientific papers in peer review journals
  • Author and co-author several (over 10) software for modeling with finite element method and discrete methods from fluid mechanics and multiphysics, as well as connection of medical data with mechanics solvers
  • PI of scientific program for Bioengineering
  • PI and Co-PI of many national and international scientific project
  • Managing editor of Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics
  • Coordinating member of Еuropean Society of Biomechanics for Serbia
  • He is member of European Society for Artificial Organs
  • He is member of Internet Electronic Biomechanics Discussion Forum - BIOMCH-L.
  • He is reviewer in the bioengineering and engineering peer review journals


Research Interests:

Computer modelling and experimental research in bioengineering, blood flow through deformable vessels, nonlinear wall models, plaque formation and development, air flow simulation, electromagnetic field simulation, bone biomechanics, hip replacement, sports biomechanics, medical device development, stent testing technology, data mining.

PI for industrial projects with companies: Blood flow through coronary arteries, Simulation of electromagnetic field, device optimisation and development, Lab on Chip design and optimisation.