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Engell, Sebastian (Germany)

Engell, Sebastian (Germany)
  • Professor of Process Dynamics and Operations
  • Head of the Deaprtment of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering
Organisation: Technical University of Dortmund
Organisation's website: http://www.bci.tu-dortmund/dyn
Phone: +49 231 755 5126
Personal webpage: -


Sebastian Engell received a Dipl.-Ing degree in Electrical Engineering from Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, in 1978 and the Dr.-Ing. Degree and the venia legendi in Automatic Control from Universität Duisburg in 1981 and 1987. 1984/1985 he spent a year as a PostDoc at McGill University, Montréal, P.Q. 1986-1990 he was the head of an R&D group at the Fraunhofer Institut IITB in Karlsruhe, Germany. 1990 he was appointed to his present position as a Full Professor of Process Dynamics and Operations in the Department of Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund. He was Department Chairman 1996-1999 and Vice-Rector for Research 2002-2006. He served as Co-Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 1992-2000 and currently is Associate Editor of Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems and of Journal of Process Control and a Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Control. He currently is Department Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. He has graduated more than 50 PhD students at TU Dortmund.

Dr. Engell is a Member of IEEE and a Fellow of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). He received an IFAC Best Paper Award for his paper "Feedback Control for Optimal Process Operation", Journal of Process Control 17 (2007), 203-219, the Best Paper Award of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2010 with Thomas Tometzki for  the paper "A Hybrid Multiple Populations Evolutionary Algorithm for Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Disjunctive Programs", and the PSE Model-based Innovation Prize with Ala Eldin Bouaswaig for the paper "WENO scheme with static grid adaptation for tracking steep moving fronts", Chemical Engineering Science 64 (2009), 3214-3226. He has published more than 100 Papers in scientific journals, more than 40 papers in edited volumes and more than 300 conference papers with peer review and full papers in proceedings.

His research is funded from the European projects MULTIFORM (coordinator), CAEC, EMBOCON and F3 (IP) and from the Network of Excellence HYCON II where he coordinates the area of System-wide Coordination and Control. He was a lead author of the position paper on Systems and Control Research prepared by the network HYCON II to raise the awareness in the European Commission about the area and to define the key research topics for the next framework program.

Research Interests:

  • Control structure selection and controller design for process systems
  • On-line performance optimizing control
  • Design and optimization of chemical processes
  • Design and verification of logic controllers
  • Hybrid systems
  • Tool integration
  • Production scheduling.

The group cooperates with many national and international research groups and with chemical companies in Germany (Bayer, BASF, Evonik) in publicly funded and in bilateral projects.