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Prljača, Naser (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Prljača, Naser (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Vice rector for Research
Organisation: University of Tuzla
Organisation's website: ;
Phone: +387-35-300-525 ; +387-62-339-389


Naser Prljaca, received Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Sarajevo (1884), MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade (1991), and PhD degree in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University (1995). He carried out visiting researcher projects under the auspice of Fulbright grants with Rutgers University (2006) and Rochester Institute of Technology (2000), and with Dublin City University (2002) under the auspice of the EU grant. He participated in a number of research and development projects financed and co-financed by various institutions. He has published numerous research papers in international conferences proceedings and journals, and is the author of several textbooks. He is a Full Professor in Control and Systems, Chair of Automatic Control and Robotics Department at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Tuzla. Currently, he is serving as a Vice-rector for Research at the University of Tuzla.


Research Interests:

  • Control and systems theory
  • Embedded and networked control and sensor systems
  • Robotics and robot and machine vision
  • Research and development of networked automotive electronic control units for industrial
    partners, research and development of networked building automation electronic control units for industrial partners
  • Collaborative research projects with support from EU, USA , Swiss, Slovenian and Bosnian
    research funds