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Technical Approach

To achieve its objectives, the BALCON consortium will:

Level 1

Review R&D priorities and capacity in developing M&C systems and applications in both regions in order to assess the collaboration potential among the research and industrial communities, aiming at identifying and highlighting the “EU-WBC research areas of common interest in the field of M&C” which may result in substantial benefits for both regions if R&D collaboration is reinforced.

Level 2 Create a community of experts from both regions in the field of Monitoring and Control (“Advisory Group”) to support the early validation of the main project outcomes, increase their credibility and facilitate their wider possible diffusion. This interaction will bring key European and WBC researchers into direct contact, facilitating the exchange of ideas in order to reach consensus in the research areas with a high EU-WBC collaboration potential in the M&C field, as well as on the actions required towards strengthening this collaboration.
Level 3 Organise a variety of networking, training and awareness raising activities to bring research & industrial actors of the two regions closer, thus preparing the ground for concrete EU-WBC R&D activities in the M&C area.


The project will be imlemented by a consortium of 8 partners having "local points of presence" throughout the Western Balkan Countries.


BALCON Technical Approach